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What Trane says about us

  • Provides valuable “energy information” that is critical to the long-term financial success of the Trane-GHA Energy Performance Contract
  • Fast, low cost installation and much more economical than installing individual gas meters for each unit
  • Supports long-term trend analysis and provides data that can be used to assess relative efficiency of gas furnaces
  • Reduces cost of measurement & verification (M&V) required by HUD on performance contracts by allowing measurement at the source in lieu of “whole building metering” analysis


Energy Metering Systems, Inc. (EMS) has been developing sub-metering equipment and providing comprehensive utility metering solutions to the multi-family residential industry since 1981. EMS has over 1 million meters installed throughout the United States. EMS expanded  their product line in 2011 to add Comfort Monitor Systems. The temperature control and monitoring systems offer an innovative way of reducing energy use without sub-metering.


Established in 1981, Roger Freischlag, President of Energy Metering Systems, Inc. an engineer, an innovator to conservation products for the multi-family, has led his company and team for 30 plus years. He has been recognized as one of the early pioneers in utility sub-metering and heat allocation systems. Roger developed and grew Energy Billing Systems, Inc., one of the top utility billing providers for multi-family and sold the billing operations to a leading property management software developer in 2009. Energy Metering Systems, Inc. continued designing and developing hardware for sub-metering, heat allocation and energy conservation systems for the multi-family sector.

EMS and team are excited about the Comfort Monitor Systems which recently released to the marketplace. Clients are boasting about the valuable “energy information” that the Comfort Monitor systems are providing. A truly innovative way of reducing energy use which is critical to modify resident behaviors, determine energy upgrades, and promote energy conservation. EMS is looking forward to being the next pioneer in thermostat designs for the multi-family industry.


Our competitive advantage is that we have been in business for 30 plus years. Our systems have been used longer and are more widely used than any other systems within the multi-family industry.  We understand sub-metering more than any other because we design, manufacture, install, service, and support a complete line of electric, gas, and heat allocation systems. We are the experts, we understand the term "you can't improve what you don't measure".



Since our inception, the EMS team of engineers has developed a wide variety of products. One area that we have specialized in is building devices that accurately and reliably measure central hydronic heating and cooling systems. By continually testing, modifying, and improving our meter designs, today's Gas Allocation System (G.A.S.) devices have evolved into the most versatile, accurate, high quality devices available on the market.

Our technical team is the most knowledgeable in the utility sub-metering industry. Our staff members offer extensive expertise in all areas of the business and are available to assist from site survey, thru installation, to billing set-up consultation.



Because of our technical expertise, in 1994 we were invited to participate in the development the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Guideline 8-1994. This document is the definitive guide for Energy Cost Allocation for Multiple-Occupancy Residential Buildings.


Energy cost allocation (ECA) systems are combinations of monitoring devices and accounting procedures designed to allow the energy costs in master-metered multiple occupancy residential buildings to be apportioned among the individual units on the basis of use.


Our electric watt hour meters are ANSI certified. ANSI certification guarantees utility grade accuracy and reliability.




Energy Metering Systems, Inc. will provide education and training of its products to approved distributors.


EMS is a company that you will find:

  • Our staff members the best in the industry
  • Our products to be superior
  • Our knowledge and expertise to be the catalyst for your client choosing you over the competition.

Your success is our success, let us assist you and your client in choosing the best metering solution for their community. We offer site surveys, technical knowledge, installation and guidance on utility billing set-up consulting/guidance.

The multi-family industry is once again discovering the most reliable way to stabilize property profits and HOA fees is by providing the resident a vehicle to pay for utilities they actually use instead of a rationed portion or share of the total property utility. Submetering for electric and gas utilities pays for itself in short order. The results are threefold.


Utility cost recovery programs allow for billing actual utility costs that residents have consumed rather than apportion, a share, or having utility cost built into the rent or HOA fees.

Typically the investment return on the initial cost of equipment and installation is realized within the first 12 months. It is common for management to experience an 80% cost recovery on their electric and gas utilities.



A utility cost recovery program reduces consumption which lowers utility costs and operating expenses immediately. Sub-metering allows for resident accountability. Lower utility costs equal a reduction in expenses, which equals a stable property utility expense or HOA fee. It can also have a favorable affect on the property's capitalization rate.


Utility cost recovery programs make the end user responsible for their usage, and this behavioral shift has a measurable effect on consumer’s use of utilities. Many solutions are available to choose from: 1. sub-meters which measure actual consumption of a given utility, or 2. energy allocation equipment which measures time, or 3. time/temperature for relative BTU use. All promote conservation.

Studies show that converting multi-family dwellings from management paid utilities to resident paid utilities typically reduces consumption by about 20%.

Well-developed utility cost recovery programs today are state of the art technical systems that offer long lifetimes and accuracy. One certifiable way to stabilize the situation and yield profits instead of diminishing returns is to distribute utility costs as they are genuinely consumed. Sub-metering provides the tool to do it accurately and fairly.


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